ISO Certification

ISO - International Standardized Organization that offer the label of standard and quality to the respective companies. There are varied rules and regulations being defined by the ISO where it is mandatory for every company to adhere before applying for ISO certification.

 MM Fakhro is an ISO specialist, serving the GCC and India for 35 years. These are a few of our current certifications:  

IS0 9001 - We carry out all those activities and training sessions that help your firm to apply and successful to get ISO certificate of quality management as per the ISO 9001. This segment of our auditing firm is accredited by the esteem authority where we serve the companies with effective ISO facets. The training center provides training, which usually related to  interoperability and performance of functions of certified management systems, but also for others interested in the area including criteria for documentation, implementation and certification of quality management system.  

ISO 14000 - Here we also consider the system of environmental management where we comply all those standardization and criteria that need to apply for certification of ISO 14000. Here we work to optimize the environmental management processes in the organization that help in increasing the confidence of the employees while exploring new business opportunities and achieving the current project policies; that help in cutting of unnecessary cost and can benefit your company’s overall reputation.  

HACCP ISO 22000 – MM Fakhro will also support your company with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and offer ISO 22000 certification of food safety management. Here we offer complete training and implement all the policies that need to adhere the food quality and safety management systems.  

OHSAS 1800 - is an international standard that deals in safety and health at work. It works for all kinds of business sectors where they need to adhere all the rules of the OHSAS 18001 that works to prevent accidents and puts the responsibilities of the staff on the high priority. It will help you in effective health system and further reduce costs related to accidents while preventing other harmful incidents from taking place. Thanks for being a responsible company.