Business Valuation

 It is essential to have accurate and exact business valuation in order to plan your company’s future. The value of a company depends on the purpose of the valuation and who we are evaluating it for. There are different methods and types of valuation which may take place during a change of ownership, while complying to civil law, or in other cases like inheritance, settlement of marital property, liquidation, merger and acquisition, and valuation of shares etc.

Below are the sections where we offer the best of business valuation services.

  • Business valuation of assets such as receivables, tangible and intangible assets
  • Valuation of private practices such as law firms, medical offices, etc.
  • Valuation of shares .
  • Examination of transformation projects.
  • Review of the report on relations between related parties.
  • Methods of Measurement that include financial valuation of the company in respect of market value, subject value and objected value.

We use three internationally recognized valuation methods: 

1. “Income that is cash" method. 

2. “Market comparison" method. 

3. “Summary of assets” method. 

When evaluating the assets; we may utilize all three methods, or a combination thereof, depending on the nature of the purpose of valuation.