Audit and Assurance

( Through our partner firm millennial auditing )

 Our major role includes internal and/or management auditing. We also assist in the preparation of of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. 

We also provide statutory audit, internal audit and stock audit. Under internal audit we analyze the complete scenario of internal working conditions and business strategies, then verify them against prescribed rules and guidelines. 

We finally evaluate the internal management and control system. This analysis is designed to identify optimal solutions that synergize the complete corporate organization.

Our experienced business executives and corporate professionals will utilize their legal knowledge to streamline your corporate goals. This should raise investor confidence in your business.  

Our auditing and assurance includes:

  • Internal and management audit
  • Budget review (voluntary or statutory)
  • Analysis of the business from all angles to synergize corporate goals 
  • Review of internal management systems and procedures
  • Tracing accounting principle fundamentals
  • Preparation of financial statements as per the rules of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Management  control optimization. 
  • Will assist in financial reporting and drafting of varied financial statements.

During our intervention we evaluate the complete management system with modern typologies and the latest management methods.  


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