Accounting Services

Cash flow is the life-blood of any company, and having a clear picture of your status is critical to all organizations. MM Fakhro provides you with the latest accounting services for business of all sizes. We specialize in small and medium enterprises, and make sure that each client receives a highly personalized service. We make sure that you comply with the legal parameters required by the government, and most importantly keep your business up to date with its financial obligations and receivables to ensure a healthy cash flow. 

Below are the services that we include under the accounting cell: 

  • We assist in building the centralized accounting process means to synchronize the accounting system of local and overseas entities where we also work to amalgamate the different accounting statement from different entities into one. 
  • Analyzing and managing the system of accounting of all types of companies in order to make it as one of the effective one
  • Whether it is for long term or short term projects we offer comprehensive and extensive accounting back office services. 
  • Accounting packages including double-entry bookkeeping as per the legal rules and regulations.
  • The preparation of annual financial statements including the profit and loss account, balance sheet and notes to the financial statements.
  • Quarterly Economic Review of the object.
  • Reconstruction of payroll & all other accounting requirement. 
  • Provide in house or back office support.

Thus, if you are looking for someone who will take care of your worries with accounting, finance statements and paperwork, dealing with the authorities, and lots of other work associated with accounting and tax records, then you can come to us with confidence. With our clients we act openly and fairly, so that they are in the picture and not bother your head with unnecessary worries. With us you will get more time for other business activities in order to prove best in your corporate journey.